If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, this information can serve

All we would like to learn to play some sort of musical instrument, and what better way to have in our android some guidelines that allow us to do so in a manner that is simple, easy and fun, hassle free

We show you some applications that allow you to play musical instruments with ease
We show you some applications that allow you to play musical instruments with ease

We all love music and we have some melody that brings nostalgia, memories and what we would like to know how to interpret, since it is possible thanks to the mobile technology for your mobile phone.

One of these applications is my guitar

This application helps you play the guitar in an easy way.
To install the application on your android and open it we see the six strings of a guitar. In addition appear four frets to play. Only by pressing the desired junk desired note will sound. But if we want to make the application more realistic we have the option to play the chords as in a real guitar. We can also select four different types of guitars: acoustic, electric, and muted. And finally we can apply to sound effects. All this in the sensational application to play the guitar. And completely free!

Another application that we offer you is mypiano

The piano is an instrument that attracts, motivates and love, from now you can get started with the thanks to this sensational application of our top that allows you to play in a grand piano with a sound like the truth. The application displays up to two octaves in the screen and is able to reproduce the sound of multiple keys played at the same time.
If you want more variety you can try to apply effects to your compositions, you can record sound for later use, and if you get bored of the piano sound.

If what you like is the battery, already have to Drums

Drums will be an ally for those who are passionate about the battery, this is one of the musical Apps in Google Play more advanced and leading to simulate playing the drums through the screens of our Android phones. You can customize the position of their more than 20 components (drums, cymbals, bass drums) so you can play the drums in the most agreeable manner possible.


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