We present you our selection with the best alarm clock Android

Punctuality is parted and the responsibility, so it is important that you have control of your time; now we can help you with some Android applications that allow you to control your times, your mornings and your schedule

We present you our selection with the best alarm clock Android
We present you our selection with the best alarm clock Android


Sleep as Android

It is easy to wake up at the scheduled time with this app, but Sleep an Android has much more: you can analyze using graphics hours asleep and compare them in a range of 15 days to get to know your sleep habits.

With this app you can take a step forward and we can connect our terminal to a smartwatch and forget that we left the phone on the table or in the drawer of the bedside table. You can also share your data with Facebook or via email.

This is a paid app but you can use a trial version for 15 days with many interesting features.


Timely is a very simple app and with a high level of usability, which features the basic functions of a clock: clock skins 3 customizable graphical interface, clock and stopwatch/timer. With this app you can sync with other devices or back up your data in the cloud.

One of the most valued functions of Timely is that with just picking up the phone and place it with the screen down decreases the volume of the alarm until silenced completely.

This app opts for simplicity and functionality and has gained the favor of the users. Rrequiere Android 4.0.3 and above.


Wave brings something new to the apps of alarm clocks why he is in our top of applications, since it is developed with the detection technology and motion control, hence its main feature: you can turn off the alarm clock with just put a hand on top of the telephone. Wave also offers you a modern and elegant interface, either in analog or digital mode. You can also choose between 10 sounds for your alarm or choose from your music library.

In addition you will be able to gain access to the news on the state of the time when you wake up with Wave. This app is designed for terminals with cameras front and requires Android 2.3 and higher versions.

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