Viber for PC


Viber was initially designed for iPhone and Android, and later for other mobile devices like Blackberry and Windows Phone.

However, at present it is possible to install Viber for PC too, although its installation process is different from that used for a Smartphone or iPhone.

It is first necessary to have an Android emulator as Bluestacks app player, that you can download from their website

We downloaded and installed the emulator and then appears a shortcut on the PC desktop. Click on this shortcut and a new screen appears.

Then look Viber PC in favorite applications and downloaded. We register Viber PC, for it enter My Apps, click on the Viber icon and then start settings Viber for PC.

We introduce our phone number and Viber send us an SMS with an activation code to configure the application. We introduce this code, press OK and you can use Viber from your PC to communicate with your contacts via text messages or through phone calls.

Viber for PC


As discussed in another section, initially Viber had developed this application for iPhone and Android.

Here we explain in great detail how you can download Viber for Android.

First of all, to download Viber for Android requires Android version 2.0 or later.

If we have the correct version we enter Google Play to download the app Viber.

When the download is complete, install the application by clicking on the icon Viber and then Continue.

We put the country code to which we belong, and our phone number. Then click Continue.

Viber sends us through a SMS the activation code. To receive this code we must press OK. Upon receipt of this code, we introduce it and Viber application will be active in our Android Smartphone.

Viber for Android


Viber for iPhone is the application that Viber has developed for terminals iPhone. With Viber for iPhone can quickly download this app on your iPhone.

Addition Viver for iPhone, also is available for iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

With Viber iPhone you can make free calls to Viber users only, regardless of the device they use.

Viver for iPhone is free at the Apple Store and ask us to introduce our phone number. Unlike other applications that use VoIP technology in Viber for iPhone do not ask us to register.

The operation of Viber iPhone is very simple, but we must have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G.


In order to install Viber for iPhone we entered Apple Store and look Viber. Viber icon appears and click Install.

We press Install again, and write our details from Apple account . We click OK and start downloading and installation.

Once installed, Viber icon appears on the screen and click on it to run. Welcome window appears and press continue.

Now Viber asking us to access our contacts, and we and we allow to press OK.

Then we write down our phone number and click Continue. Viber send us a text message with a verification code to approve the account. We click Approve.

We waited a few moments and will receive this message. We write the code that have sent us and press Enter Viber.

Viber for iPhone


Viber application is available for iPhone and your iOS operating system. So we can download and install too Viber for iPad.

In order to download Viber for iPad click on this link where you can see more detail all you have to do to install this app of free calls and free messages on an iPad.

Unlike the iPhone, with Viber for iPad the calls have better sound quality and a higher volume than that achieved on an iPhone.


First, the iPad must have an Internet connection via 3G or Wi-Fi.

We download the Viber app from the Apple Store and installed it on our iPad.

After completing the installation, we introduce our phone number and click Continue.

A window opens and click Approve to verify the account. Viber sends us for SMS the verification code.

To get Viber for iPad is fully operational, we must enter this code and press Enter Viber.

We can automatically detect our contacts that are on Viber and make free calls and send free messages to all of them.

As you see, download and installation on an iPad is very fast and simple.

Viber for iPad