Tango for PC free calls

Tango for PC free calls

Tango for PC free calls is ideal for people who only want to make voice calls or people who have the Tango application on your Smartphone. This version of Tango is the one has been developed by the inventors of this app only for pc. Nowadays only runs with Windows, until then who have a pc with MAC operating system or have not a Smartphone click here.

Download Tango for Pc free calls

To download Tango for PC (only free calls) there is no need to have installed the app Tango on your Smartphone previously. But if you want to have your Smartphone synchronized with Tango for PC, we recommend you to download the app Tango on your Smartphone before starting. Once done this previous step, you have to download the version of Tango for PC. To download it click on this link and click on the option Download now for pc or laptop.

Automatically a file called SetUp Tango.exe will start to download.

Install Tango for Pc free calls

When the download has been finished, you have to execute the file SetUp Tango.exe so as to install Tango for PC on your computer.

Tango PC free calls

It is very easy and simple, you will only have to click on the “Install” button and in few seconds a shortcut of Tango for PC will be showed on the desktop of your computer. Click on the icon of this shortcut and a window will be opened where you have to enter your phone number (we mean the Smartphone number), your name, surname and your e-mail. Remember that it is important to enter the same data that you entered when you downloaded the app Tango on your mobile in order to synchronize the devices.

Install Tango PC free calls

Now click on “Submit” button. If you had Tango for PC on your Smartphone, a screen will be showed to notify that they have detected other device with this number (your Smartphone) and you have to verify a code to authenticate it. Click on “Send code” and you will receive on your Smartphone a code that you have to enter.

Synchronize devices for Tango PC free calls

Enter the code and automatically all your contacts will be synchronized.

Now you can enjoy Tango for PC. Call free your friends and family and invite other users to use Tango for PC.

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