Line for PC

Line for PC

Line is an instant messaging application ideal for talking on a mobile device, be it a Smartphone or iPhone. However, one of the advantages that Line has regarding Whatsapp is that we can install on our PC and talk to the contacts we have on the agenda from the computer.

To install Line for PC entered from the browser to the Line web page

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We click on the “Download” button on the top navigation bar.

A window with two download options, one for mobile and one for computers, opens. In option for mobile we can download Line for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. In option for computers we can download Line for Mac OS X, Windows, and Windows 8.

How to download Line for PC

When we want to download Line for PC we have to choose one of the options that are available for computers. If we have Windows 8 installed on our computer, Line will be downloaded through the App store. However, if we have a previous version of Windows will download the application from the browser.

In our case, to download Line for PC we decided to choose the button Windows 8 on the Computers section.

So we have to access the store of Microsoft Windows and click on “Install”.

The installation starts, and on the next screen click on the upper right to see how the installation process.

When is downloaded the application, we go to the PC desktop to open the Line for PC application and we click on its icon.

If this is the first time we use this application, we have to accept the conditions of use. Then we access the registration page where we introduce our profile with our username, email account and password. Such data shall be the same as we use to register the Line application on our Smartphone. Finally click on “Login”.

From this point, we have installed the Line for PC application and we can start chatting with our friends. In addition, in the PC will have the same list of contacts in our mobile Phone.

Line for Android

As with the iPhone and iPad we can also install Line for Android. As usual to install the Line application you can connect the Wi-Fi or 3G of our Android Smartphone for our data rate is not depleted rapidly and shorten installation time.

To download Line for Android we access Google Play by clicking on its icon that is on the Smartphone home screen.

Once inside, press over the Searches icon and write Line. Click on its icon in the search results and appears its record where we see a description, some information and reviews on this application.

Click on “Install”, and on the next screen click on “Accept and Download”. The Line for Android application begins to settle, a process that takes time.

When the Line application is installed, its icon appears on our desktop. Click on the icon to open the application and create our user account for Line.

Register to Use Line for Android

We have installed Line for Android, but to use it, we have to register before.

We click on the application icon and then click on “New User”. Then we verify our phone number and click “Continue”.

Accept the terms of service and privacy policy by clicking on “Accept the conditions and verify”.

A message appears indicates that will send us an SMS with verification code and press “OK” to continue the process. Android automatically enters the code number just send us by SMS and we click “OK” to continue with the installation.

We now have the option to automatically add friends who have installed Line within the contacts on our phone or others it can add to us. Whether we want to use these options or want to disable to add contacts manually, we have to press “OK” at the bottom of the screen.

Then we have to register and introduce our name and profile picture for our friends recognize us and click “Register”.

On the next screen we enter our email address and password, and then click on “Register Now”. In case we want to check later click on “Register Later”.

As of now we have our account operational Line for Android and we can send messages to our friends.