ChatOn is known as the Samsung messaging service, and we can say that this is one of the most complete applications in the world.

ChatOn is a free cross-platform service that is available for Android, iOS, Bada and Blackberry. It can be downloaded in Smartphones, Tablets, iPad and MP4, and even on the PC, Mac and Linux through its web version. From the PC you can send messages to your Smartphone that have downloaded this application at no cost.

Works via Wi-Fi or 3G. The process of downloading and installing ChatOn is very simple. For an Android Smartphone, we have to go to Google Play to download the application. After downloading the app, it asks us a mobile phone number where send us an SMS message with the activation code to start this application.

From this moment, with ChatOn we can chat with our contacts and send texts, pictures, videos, notes, drawings and animation messages immediately.

ChatOn provides the ability to log on Samsung Account, so automatically synchronize our friends lists, chat and profile data so that we can access through any Samsung device.

It also allows you to edit the name of the contact, and we can find a contact for the number or your ID from Samsung.

We can perform many functions, including changing the screen background and the types of conversations.

Samsung has a strong commitment by ChatOn and launched this application in more than 100 countries and in 60 languages.

The concept of having conversation using a chat is one of the forms of communication more used and known among all users of smartphone. We are talking about conversations that are made using messages through any instant messaging application.

ChatON is a service created by Samsung fact solely for communication that has all the essential functions that should have any app by courier service because it allows you to instantly send images, texts, videos. In addition allows you to create groups for group IMS instantaneously and without complications.

Here are the main functions of ChatOn:

ChatOn lets you send messages, images, videos and messages of animation to your contacts for free and immediate.

– ChatOn is available to all those who have a Smartphone and it is totally free of charge, both the download as the daily use.

– In addition ChatOn is also available on your PC you can use the web version from your PC. Allows you to send messages, videos and pictures to other users who have the app on your Smartphone, and all this absolutely free!

ChatOn is a service application platform that is available for Android devices, Bada, iOS and BlackBerry, so it works perfectly between all of them.

– has been launched in more than 100 countries and in more than 60 languages, to ensure access to ChatOn the greatest number of people possible.

– This service is available we Smartphones only but also in mp4 or tablets. To use it you only need 3 G or Wi-Fi.

– The display is much more customizable than the other messaging services, because you can change the wallpaper and the types of conversations.

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