Android applications for children

Android every day is exceeded, and in this opportunity offers the smallest of the house, applications for the teaching-learning process fun, enjoyable and that children enjoy it to the fullest.

With the help of adults, children, who are a sponge to absorb all the experiences of life up until the age of seven years, can make use of some applications which allow you to develop the intellect.

Android applications for children
Android applications for children

Animal puzzles for children

Puzzles animals comes bundled with a simple interface, with support for multiple languages and a parental control to prevent accidental access to social networks or malicious sites.

is a percussion musical instrument, versatile, exciting, its striking design, bright colors, with the letters of the alphabet, allows the cognitive development of the child.

Farm animals
is an application created by parents and padresque are concerned about your child’s cognitive development; it is totally free. In it, the child will enter a world of total interactivity where rewarded the desire to learn and develop their skills with a farm activities such as feeding the chickens, driving a tractor, seeding positions or to ensure the crops, this application attempts to make a different world to the child, promoting work, responsibility, through animations, sounds and images in full color.

Games for children: ways

mathematics learned in a fun way, where colors, shapes and quantities are full of vivid colors, allows the child to learn how to draw geometric figures as a square, a diamond or a triangle.

Without doubt will provide the child with a visual acuity, indispensable to recognize later other patterns as the letters or numbers. It should be noted that this skill should be developed from an early age that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the visual universe that surrounds it, and prepare you for the preschool stage without difficulties. In fact, that is the goal of this application, by other simple, pleasant and very helpful.

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