WeChat for PC

WeChat for PC

“WeChat for PC free without Smartphone, the revolution in instant messaging on your computer. Download WeChat for PC free in a few seconds.”

WeChat for PC

WeChat for PC is the new application developed in China of instant messaging that has revolutionized the Asian continent. Tencent Holdings is the telecoms group that supports WeChat for PC. Its experience in China and other Asian countries ensures quick popularization among users.


WeChat for PC has millions of users around the world and in the United States. WeChat has conducted several campaigns to publicize its app of messaging. With WeChat for PC you can perform most of the functions with the version for Android. Many of these functions include group chat, video calls or function moments to remember with images appointments, travel or major events and be able to share photos with your friends. This application offers some special characteristics that distinguish it on other options such as the Line for PC or WhatsApp to PC.

Download WeChat for PC free and enjoy instant messaging from your personal computer

WeChat PC competes with other applications such as the Line, telegram, Viber, Tango, Kik for PC and the most popular WhatsApp. Test to download WeChat for PC free to assess the great quality of their new functions. Connects you to more than 800 million active users around the world from your computer or laptop.

How to install WeChat for PC

This application has a specific version for the PC. But you can enjoy the version WeChat for Android on your PC if you install an emulator Android. We are going to learn how to download WeChat for PC with the help of Bluestacks, the best emulator for Android that we tested.

Download WeChat for PC from Bluestacks


Steps to install WeChat for PC from Bluestacks

  • Download Bluestacks from www.bluestacks.com ( on the web Bluestacks app player you can see a tutorial for installing the emulator on your PC)
  • Access to the App Store Play Store
  • Add the email account of gmail that we are going to use to configure the access to the apps. ( It is not necessary to enter any means of payment, credit card number or similar, this option is only optional for purchase applications of payment). It is important to remember that WeChat is completely free.
  • Search WeChat from the top bar of Google Play
  • Select the application and download
  • Only need to configure the user name and the contact data
  • You can already start to find friends and share funny chats with all your contacts.

Wechat PC opens up the possibility of sending free text messages, images, videos and photos. In addition to sharing with your friends small moments of your life from your computer using the connection to the internet.

Features WeChat for PC or Android

Among the main features of the PC application, includes features such as live chat, group chat with QR codes, copies of the history, voice chat and many more. If you decide to install WeChat for Android on your mobile you can enjoy the fun feature Shake, that helps us to get to know other people using the application.

The new features are available in the version of WeChat for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, PC or MAC WeChat Web and in other operating systems for Smartphone.

Social Network

This app messaging introduces new features and you want users to use your app as a social network. In many markets WeChat has already been used as a platform for the sale of products and to share offerings. But convert WeChat in a social network in other countries will not be easy. Social Networks like Facebook or Instagram are very popular and Google Plus also wants a piece of the cake of users around the world.

Available for Mac and with service WeChat Web

Download WeChat for Mac

If you do not have your smartphone or your mobile device has been broken, now you can enjoy this fantastic application from your PC. Do not wait any longer to download WeChat for Mac or computer and install in just a few simple steps.

Download WeChat for other platforms is very easy, just follow theseĀ here.